Experience a Different Way of Doing Agent Fairs: The ETN Way

ETN Focus Workshops are boutique agent fairs offering a
unique, personalised and innovative networking experience.
We bring a human touch into international
student recruitment.


choose ETN Focus Workshops for multiple reasons:


Exclusive Event

We craft an exclusive networking experience accessible only to qualified, targeted, selected and screened agents and focused on the real recruitment needs of the participating schools.


Strategic Edge

Allow us to bring a new perspective into your daily work with international recruitment: maximise your visibility and information sharing when building up your agents network.


Regional Perspective

A relaxed, stress-free and friendly networking environment facilitating high quality relationship building and real long-lasting business connections.


Affordable Package

We offer competitive packages for best opportunities matching your needs. No additional charges or fees. Maximum value is offered to guarantee concrete return on Investment.


Stress-Free Experience

Be brave and shift your perspective by assessing emerging and less-explored markets. See the markets you think you already know with different eyes.


Human Touch

We create a human-focused agent fair environment where our team is dedicated to helping participants enjoy more productive one-to-one meetings and perform at their best.


We all know about the benefits international students bring to education providers and institutions from all over the world, global and local economies, governments, businesses and societies. Attend our Focus Workshops and learn all about the student body internationalization, diversification, retention and cross-cultural management.


A diverse student body causes dynamic growth and affects positively the future of the institution.

How diversified is your student body?
Why should you diversify your student body?
How to do it right?
Is there an ideal mix of international students?
You have predominant nationality in your student body. Which are the risks?


Student retention is the most successful way to generate sustainable revenue.

What is your international student retention rate?
Do you have a model to assess your retention rate?
The cost of non-retention: What is the impact of non-retention on your budget?
How to implement an effective retention strategy?
Do you have people in your team working on retention measures?


As education becomes an increasingly global venture, more and more institutions open their doors for international students.

Why should you recruit international students?
How many international students do you have?
What is your target?
What is your international students enrolment strategy?
Where should you start?
Which channels should you use to reach and recruit International students?

Cross-cultural Management

CCM can fill a significant competence gap within international student retention, help provide better customer service and minimize loss of revenue.

What is the link between international student retention and cross-cultural management?
How does your organization address cross-cultural management needs?
Is your staff trained to work with cross-cultural management?

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