We do agent fairs differently

ETN Focus Workshops are boutique agent fairs offering a
unique, personalised and innovative networking experience.
We bring a human touch into international
student recruitment.

Why choose us?

Exclusive Event
Strategic Edge
Regional Perspective
Affordable Package
Stress-Free Experience  

               We craft an exclusive
               networking experience
               accessible only to 
               qualified, targeted,
               selected and screened
               agents and focused on
               the real recruitment
               needs of the
               participating schools.

               Allow us to bring a new
               perspective into your
               daily work with
               recruitment: maximise
               your visibility and
               information sharing
               when building up your
               agents network.

                  A relaxed, stress-free
                  and friendly
                  facilitating high
                  quality relationship
                  building and real
                  long-lasting business 

              We offer competitive
              packages for best
              matching your needs.
              No additional charges
              or fees. Maximum 
              value is offered to
              guarantee concrete
              return on Investment.

             Be brave and shift
             your perspective by
             assessing emerging
             and less-explored
             markets. See the
             markets you think
             you already know
             with different eyes.

+359 (0) 2 980 51 67

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Bulgaria - 48, William Gladstone str, 

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