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The capital of Germany, Berlin is a city that boasts of beautiful buildings, museums and numerous travel attractions. It is rated as the third most visited city of Europe, attracting the young and the old alike. Popular for its pulsating life and friendly ambiance, wherever you go in Berlin you will find something interesting to see and do. Alone in the city there are over 170 museums worth visiting and over 7000 restaurants.


  • Leading outbound market
  • Germany is forecasted to become the third largest sender of higher education students by 2024, with a predicted 139,000 outbound students, overtaking South Korea.

  • Significant increase of students going abroad
  • The number of German students enrolled in university courses abroad has increased by nearly 400% over the past two decades, from 34,000 in 1991 to 134,000 in 2011.
    Higher education strategy focused on internationalisation
    Increasing international student mobility is a key objective of Germany’s higher education policy, according do DAAD’s “Facts and figures on the international nature of studies and research in Germany 2013”.

  • Government plans for exchanges and credit mobility
  • The federal and state governments, together with the DAAD, are aiming to ensure that half of all German graduates gain study-related experience abroad during the course of their studies.

Crowne Plaza Hotel (TBC)
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