About Us

We do agent fairs differently

Inspired by the busy education professional, ETN Focus Workshops reinvent agent fairs into exclusive and relaxed opportunities to select only the most relevant student recruitment partners in less explored markets. We take you on a learning experience to convert your institution into an international student recruitment leader by providing you with valuable regional insights and contacts, helping you to diversify your international student body.

About Us
Working within the education industry, you will be aware of the effects globalisation is having on the way we deliver education and the challenges students face in meeting the demands of an ever-evolving transnational workplace. ETN (Education and Training Network) was established in 2005 to meet these challenges by assisting education providers in promoting international education mobility and helping institutions diversify their student body.

Working with thousands of partners annually, ETN has successfully organised numerous workshops, seminars and conferences to facilitate opportunities for advancement by bringing business and education together.

As an internationally oriented independent organisation, we have developed offices in Europe and beyond: Bulgaria, UK, Germany, Spain, Italy, Poland, Turkey and Ecuador. It is through our expanding team of multilingual and highly qualified consultants that we are able to provide you with innovative yet personalised events and services with local expertise.  
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Exclusive Event
Our primary objective is to craft an exclusive networking experience by inviting a limited number of participants, as we believe that what makes a successful agent fair is quality, not quantity. This is why we allocate no more than 30 tables per event. Unlike traditional crowded education conferences, ETN Focus Workshops bring international educators and selected qualified agents together to smaller regional events to help you develop more personal relationships.
Strategic Edge
As an educator, how many times have you flicked through pages of brochures to showcase your institution on a day packed full of meetings? As an agent, how much of the extensive information on similar courses, programmes and activities are you actually able to grasp? Do you manage to remember people’s names and faces once you’ve left the conference room?

To stay focused on what’s important and keep the human touch, we provide educators with the opportunity to deliver short presentations in advance to one-to-one meetings with agents.

In this way, educators can highlight the most attractive and relevant features about their institutions whilst agents get valuable first impressions as the basis for building stronger and more personal connections. With all general details already in mind, during individual meetings, both sides enjoy an opportunity to focus on the more central aspects of their collaboration and building real-value relationships. Now this is what we call networking!
Stress-Free Experience
To make sure all your meetings and involvement in the agent fairs run smoothly, we take out all the hassle related to organisation, timing and communication. We arrange the meetings on your behalf by matching you with agents who deal with the types of students you have requested, so that you don’t have to worry about scheduling meetings beforehand. In addition, you will have ample opportunities to meet and network with any other delegates you may wish to.

Our support on every step of the way, before, during and after the event reduces the stress typically involved in big crowded networking events. As part of this stress-free experience, ETN hosts its events at elegant and luxurious venues for your ultimate comfort and enjoyment. ‘Speed dating’ networking events with rushed conversations are now a thing of the past. Engage in peer discussions with real opportunities for quality networking in our boutique agent fairs.

Affordable Package
ETN Focus Workshop agent fairs cover accommodation costs for educators and exhibitors. There are no additional booking charges or registration fees. Our flexible packages are especially appealing to small and mid-size institutions that plan their recruitment in advance and allocate only a certain budget to marketing activities as we ensure that all attendees get the maximum value out of the event.
Regional Perspective
As opposed to other education conference organisers that base their events in established and thoroughly exploited markets, ETN Focus Workshops also search for alternative and less explored routes where institutions could find fresh opportunities to diversify their international student potential whilst local agents grow and expand their network of global partners.

We meet the needs of education providers who wish to assess the potential of emerging and less-explored markets, but we also understand the challenges of up-and-coming institutions looking for the right contacts to grow their international student mix in an increasingly competitive global environment. From our experience, connecting the right people on a local level is key to growing globally and tackling issues of differentiation against tough competition.